Multi award winning My Friend Huggles® dolls embody all the lovable softness and natural beauty that a young child could ask for. We have an emotional agenda focused on human needs and positive values. Each doll has a different character-building value associated with them. The perfect bed time companion, each child finds comfort and a friend to hug!.  

Our Vision
The My Friend Huggles dolls were developed by entrepreneur Brenda Katz with the goal of creating toys that will have a lasting positive impact in a child's life.  

Our promise
The Gift of Unlimited Hugs   Our Mission: To teach Beauty from the Inside Out   Our Goal: Show how learning important  life virtues can be fun through  imaginative play.  

Our Commitment
Giving back to the community through various social projects Is our corporate social responsibility

Our Method
Huggleosophies,  quotes that inspire and open a dialogue between parents, grandparents, and friends.
Campaign of Hope: Setting an example by giving back.
Interactive Website: Huggles Challenges that help children learn values through play.
Satin Virtue ribbon: An inspiring message on each doll.<  

The Huggles Moto
Is to  "LOVE, LEARN + SHARE" Our guiding principle.    

Whether it is a gift from ,mom, dad , grandparents or a friend, the My Friend Huggles dolls will become a keepsake, part of the family forever. My Friend Huggles® dolls have value on many levels. Our doll's extraordinary size makes them exceptional .   My Friend Huggles® core philosophy and commitment is aimed at nourishing and enriching the well-being of children through a combination of meaningful play and self-awareness.   


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