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"As an educator who works with children in their homes, I can say that we can all benefit from a discussion about fairness, gratefulness, honesty, cheerfulness, generosity, courage, kindness and confidence. I taught a lesson on being kind to others and used the My Friend Huggles Lily life size doll to bring the story to life. The children loved the lesson, and fell in love with Lily."
– Ana, School Teacher

"When Adeline saw Lily on Christmas morning, she cried actual tears, tears of joy. Since then they have been inseparable!"
– Heidi McFadden, BC, Canada

"The two girls had lots of fun with their new friend. Every night, they sleep with one and played as if they were real people. Its a nice way to encourage them to be nice and have a good day. "
Catherine, A Huggles Mom

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